There Is No Governmental Entity Responsible For Cleaning Up Trash Along The Banks Of The Bayous, Ogg Said.

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Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced a new community-service program Wednesday that would put people charged with certain low-level, non-violent offenses to work, letting them clean up their criminal records by cleaning up Houston's waterways. "The 'Clean & Green' program allows law violators charged with certain misdemeanors to repay society in a tangible, measurable way," Ogg said. Participants, 17 and older, will clear trash and invasive plants, skim waterways and perform other conservation services in public spaces across the county, especially

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"Tapper" questions "Conway" about a couple of Trump's "unconventional picks" for his cabinet, such asclimate change skeptic Oklahoma Attorney General Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, and fast foodbusinessman Andrew Puzder, who doesn't support minimum wage increases, for secretary of labor. "It's almost like Mr. Trump appoints these people specifically to undermine the very agencies they head," "Tapper" asked "Conway." "Are these bad picks?" "No, Jake, they are not bad. They are alt-good," "Conway" responded with a nod to the alt-right movement, the nationalist group Trump's

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