Proof That Using A Professional Real Estate Attorney For Your Litigation Is Worth Every Penny

Dec 16, 2016

Real Estate Attorney

Lawyers are beneficial in any type of real estate transaction. That's the neat thing with real estate. If all subject dues are removed and the deal collapses because the buyer does not move forward, the escrow money can be given as damages to the purchaser. Prior to popular belief, however, one does not need an advanced knowledge of real estate at the beginning stages of his education. Pennsylvania law provides for a number of exceptions. You should have completed a degree in criminal justice, real estate, political science or business. If you are unsure as to which type of lawyer you should hire, attorneys in your area will usually assist in referring you to someone best able to handle your case. Normally, the buyer pays one-half of the tax due and the seller pays the other half. An experienced real estate attorney will know the law regarding deed preparation. If you have not done an intern ship with a real estate law firm, then you should still be looking for a place to go after graduation.

One such eruption occurred Thursday, when Sprague rose and called for a mistrial and for the judge to step down, accusing her of favoring the victims over defendants. Late in the day Wednesday, a key expert witness called by Sprague's firm unexpectedly gave testimony adverse to Basciano. Sprague blamed Sarmina for letting plaintiffs' lawyer Robert J. Mongeluzzi elicit the testimony in cross-examining structural engineer Najib Abboud. Sprague said Sarmina had compounded the problem by questioning Abboud and letting him elaborate on his responses to Mongeluzzi. "The overall conduct of this trial has shown that your honor has made an unbelievable number of inconsistent rulings favoring the plaintiffs over the defense," Sprague told Sarmina. Sarmina, 64, a judge since 1997 known for her no-nonsense control of the courtroom, denied Sprague's mistrial motion and refused to step down. The judge also threw her own verbal jabs at Sprague for not attending sidebar conferences at which trial issues were discussed and for waiting a day before objecting to her questioning Abboud. Generally, if a lawyer doesn't immediately object, the objection is considered waived. Sprague replied that he was "so shocked by what I heard" that he needed the night to consult with his team and to study the trial transcript. Sarmina looked skeptical. "I don't think anyone in this room would question your acuity," she told Sprague, "and I'm rather surprised to hear you were so shocked that it left you speechless and actionless." Mongeluzzi, Sprague's nemesis throughout the trial, called Sprague's move "baseless" and an "effort to intimidate this honorable court." Contending that Sprague knows he is losing, Mongeluzzi called the motions for mistrial and recusal "a Hail Mary pass to try to pull off a miracle." "More hot air," growled Sprague.

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Still others focus on residential or commercial purchase, lease and sales transactions. If you're a first-time buyer or you're buying or selling a home without an agent, a real estate lawyer can answer your questions, help you negotiate, and take care of a lot of the little details you might not be aware of. Prior to popular belief, however, one does not need an advanced knowledge of real estate at the beginning stages of his education. The primary job of real estate attorneys is to accurately interpret real estate laws and advise clients on a variety of personal and business issues related to property ownership, management and investment. You rely solely on the seller's representations regarding the property.